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Market fishing has a simple pricing policy that is guaranteed to get you a super deal. We offer three options:

Option 1: If you would like us to find one of the best prices for a particular product, click here and pay £5 for us to look in virtually every online retailer to select the best price.

Option 2: If you already have found a cheap price, click here to see if we are able to utilise our advanced internet technologies to find it even cheaper. For this service, we charge just 25% of the difference between the price you have found and the cheaper price that we find. If you are not happy with our service, we offer an instant no-quibble refund.

Option 3: Use our extensive list of all the comparison sites to search for the best deal on all your future purchases.

Use us and you are almost 100% guaranteed to save money – every time!

The process is simple. Fill out the online Price Comparison Form with as much information as possible, sit back and within a few hours we will send you an email with the cheapest place to purchase the item.

Most other price comparison websites use automated technology to just filter results from companies that they are already affiliated to and therefore miss many of the cheaper independent resources. We do not have companies feeding us their information. Each search we do is based on YOUR specific requirements and our only goal is to trawl the whole of the market and find you the best deal.

We are not limited to the people and companies who advertise with us unlike many other services. We have people that manually search the internet and high street shops to find you the best deal.

Whether you want to find the cheapest prices on your next television, laptop or car insurance, our trained and experienced staff will use our unique, advanced technology to find you the best deal every time. Please select one of the three options above to make great savings today.

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